Social media site Intersect launches iPhone app

Seattle-based social media startup Intersect released its first mobile app on Monday, allowing beta-test users of the service to upload photos and text directly from their iPhones.

Intersect expands on the concept of sharing among friends by creating ad-hoc networks of users based on a specific time and location. So, for instance, anyone uploading photos from the opening of the Harry Potter movie in Seattle last week could see how their stories connected to the stories of others in the crowd around 10 p.m. that evening.

The Washington Post partnered with Intersect last month to provide live coverage of the Jon Stewart rally in Washington D.C. At the time the iPhone app was not available, so most participants had to upload their stories from home after the event.

With the app now live, it will be worth watching future experiments to see if the tool encourages greater sharing by the general public or enables better crowdsourcing by local media outlets.


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