Social media tools that help journalists do their work

Alexandra Samuel

There is no shortage of suggestions for social media tools for journalists, but Alexandra Samuel notes a few that don't make the typical list.

Among her top choices: iGoogle, Evernote, Gist, Skitch, and my favorite, Delicious:

"If you are still relying on your web browser to keep track of the sites you visit or may need to reference, it’s time to switch to delicious. Delicious stores all your bookmarks in an online database, so you can access any of your bookmarks from any Internet-connected computer. Bookmarking your own stories is a great way to build up and manage a clippings file. And when you’re researching a topic that is so big or broad that you’re swimming in Google results, a delicious search can help you find just the most useful online resources — the web pages that lots of people have found useful enough to bookmark."


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