Society for News Design named Facebook 'World’s Best Designed' in digital competition

Society for News Design

To close out its annual workshop on Saturday, the Society for News Design named four winners as the "World's Best Designed Newspapers" and one site, Facebook, as "Best Designed Digital." Saturday, Kenney Marlatt wrote about the results for the Society of News Design.

For the "Best Designed Digital" winner, judges from Vox, the Center for Investigative Reporting and Sueddeutsche Zeitung chose Facebook from among 10 finalists. In SND's post, Fernando Diaz explained the judges findings, noting that we're at a crossroads.

From desktop to mobile to app, this year’s winner works. Everywhere. On anything. It provides a richer news experience than any one “site.” It is redefining “community,” by evolving our relationships with the news and each other. We must not only embrace this shift, but learn from it and evolve our organizations accordingly. It is the platform that you love, or hate, or love to hate. But increasingly cannot live without. This would not be possible without world class design.

Marlatt reported that 215 newspapers were entered in newspaper category and there were 17 finalists.

The best papers we saw were the ones whose journalism transcended their formats. Whether we were looking at tabs, Berliners or broadsheets, it was the visual storytelling — the photography, the graphics, the art direction — that we reacted to. At the very best designed papers, the designers and editors understand how to deftly go beyond the do-no-harm approach to design, helping support a clear editorial voice and amplifying the journalism, both visual and written.

The four winners are Dagens Nyheter from Sweden, The Guardian from the United Kingdom, Politiken from Denmark and De Morgen from Belgium. Here's De Morgen's Monday front, via Newseum.


SND medal winners were announced in February, you can find them here. SND award of excellence winners were also announced in February, and you can find them here.


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