Stand by your dad: Political daughters stick by their fathers in tough times

Political wives have been in the spotlight recently, from Anthony Weiner's beleaguered wife to Mitch Daniels' reluctant wife. Political daughters have also been captured standing by their family during tough times. These photos show some recent and historic highlights.

Before her death from cancer, Elizabeth Edwards asked daughter Cate to keep the family together and support her father, former presidential candidate John Edwards, The New York Times reports. Last week, Cate, left, accompanied her father from a Federal Building in N.C., after a grand jury there indicted him for using $925,000 to protect his image during the 2008 campaign. (Chuck Burton/AP)
Perhaps one of the most famous photos of a daughter buffering her political father is this one of President Clinton, his daughter Chelsea, center, and wife Hillary walking from the White House toward a helicopter to depart for a Martha's Vineyard vacation, just after the world learned of the President's relationship with Monica Lewinsky. (Roberto Borea/AP)
Arianna Brown, right, daughter of U.S. Senator Scott Brown, held a news conference  with her sister Ayla Brown, left, to rebut claims their father opposed emergency contraception for women. "When male legislative leaders want to score points with women, they often raise the spectre of their daughters," Carol Hardy-Fanta, director of UMass Boston’s Center for Women in Politics & Public Policy, told The Boston Globe. (Steven Senne/AP)
Meghan McCain campaigned with her father, Sen. John McCain, during his presidential run in 2008. McCain, who blogged throughout her dad's campaign, later admitted that during this time she wondered whether his running mate, then-Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, would be to blame for a loss. (Stephan Savoia/AP)
One of the most high-profile women in politics, Sarah Palin stood by her teenage daughter Bristol, whose pregnancy was revealed soon after Palin joined the GOP ticket. Palin is shown here with then-running mate Sen. John McCain, who was meeting Bristol's boyfriend Levi Johnston. During the finale of "Dancing with the Stars," Bristol, a finalist, said winning the reality show contest "would be like a big middle finger to all the people out there that hate my mom and hate me." (Charles Dharapak/AP)

Thanks to Mark Feldstein for the headline on this story.


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