Starting salary for j-school grads rises to $41K, on average

National Association of Colleges and Employers | The Wall Street Journal

NACE's annual report on college grads has good news for 2012 communications majors: Their starting salaries were up 4 percent on average over 2011 grads'. Reached by email, NACE Employment Information Manager Andrea Koncz says journalism majors, who are counted in that category, saw gains of their own: "Their specific average salary is $40,900, up 3.3 percent from $39,600 last year," she writes.

Within the communications category, "advertising majors posted the largest increase to their average starting salary, a 4.7 percent jump to $47,200," the report's summary reads.

Students majoring specifically in communications also saw a healthy increase of 4.5 percent, taking their current starting salary from $42,600 to $44,500.

The data reflect actual starting salaries, not offers, and come from about 400,000 employers.

Salaries for 2012 grads are up 3.4 percent over all, Lauren Weber notes in The Wall Street Journal. Education grads had the largest increase (5.4 percent), but remain among the lowest paid. Salaries are highest for engineering grads, and "Even humanities and social-science majors, with the lowest overall year-to-year salary growth, with starting pay of $36,988, still earned a slight bump after accounting for inflation," Weber writes.

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