Stephen Colbert spends 3 minutes mocking USA Today's new logo

Comedy Central

On Tuesday night's show, Stephen Colbert told Comedy Central viewers that his fears over USA Today's "dramatic" redesign were "for nothing." Highlights from the segment:

  • "In a digital era where print media is struggling, USA Today is focusing their energy where it counts: the logo."
  • "As publisher Larry Kramer wrote in the relaunch issue, 'Our new logo will be as dynamic as the news itself.' And ladies and gentlemen, did they deliver."
  • "Serendipitously, this [blue circle] is also a pie chart showing the percentage of people confused by the USA Today's new logo."
  • "From now on, when news breaks that's circular in nature, the USA Today will be all over it, folks."
  • "Bravo, the USA Today, for your bold redesign where every logo in every section will be changed every day to reflect a different news story in circular form -- until next week when we see the headline USA Today graphics department commits suicide."

"Now, we know we have made it," blogged Kramer, who seemed pleased by the segment, which you can watch below. || Related: USA Today website innovates with horizontal experience, information layers | USA Today unveils new design

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Logo Makeover for USA Today
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