Steve Jeffrey: 'I have not plagiarized anything'

The Telegram

Anchor Weekly editor Steve Jeffrey, whom humor writer George Waters accused of serial plagiarism yesterday, tells The Telegram's Daniel MacEachern he has only "used other writers as inspiration," not stolen their work. MacEachern contrasts this statement with what appears to be Jeffrey's wholesale use of a column published in The Telegram in 2008. They're identical, "apart from a few minor changes; a personal detail added here, a geographical reference rewritten to fit Alberta there," MacEachern writes.

Jeffrey also told MacEachern that he hadn't been at the office Monday morning (Jeffrey told me he was en route to British Columbia when we spoke yesterday), so he couldn't explain why the newspaper's online archives had vanished. But: "When told by The Telegram that an Anchor co-worker said Jeffrey had in fact been at the newspaper office Monday morning, Jeffrey admitted to having been in the office that morning but said he didn’t have anything to do with the archives no longer being online." || Related: Jon Flatland, columnist and former newspaper owner, exposed as serial plagiarist

  • Andrew Beaujon

    Andrew Beaujon reported on the media for Poynter from 2012 to 2015. He was previously arts editor at and managing editor of Washington City Paper. He's the author of the 2006 book "Body Piercing Saved My Life," about Christian rock and evangelical Christian culture.


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