Steve Jobs meets with NY media execs to talk iPad /
Apple CEO Steve Jobs visited Wednesday with executives of The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal during a visit to the Big Apple. Gawker and New York Magazine report the visits were apparently off-the-record and focused on the media partnerships Apple is pursuing for its new iPad tablet. New York Magazine reminds us of previous reports that the Times is wary of committing to Apple because "With iTunes or an Apple-controlled online store, publishers will be cut off from their readers. Apple will handle payments and Apple will control all the lucrative demographic information that publishers collect to sell to their advertisers." Its recent announcement about charging for deep online reading suggests "the Times is signaling that it wants to be in control of its vast readership and fully monetize its audience."
> Steve Jobs also seen visiting Time on Friday (Electronista)
> Waiting for the Miracle to Come (Chicago Reader)
> iPad, Kindle Won't Be Newspapers' Saviors (


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