Stewart: White House Press Corps practices 'instigative journalism'

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At Tuesday's press conference -- President Obama's first since November -- he responded to questions about foreign policy and gas prices and Rush Limbaugh. In his role as media-critic-in-chief, Obama ended the latter line of questioning with this response: "I’m going to try to lead by example in this situation, as opposed to commenting on every single comment that’s made by either politicians or pundits. I would be very busy. I would not have time to do my job. That’s your job, to comment on what's said by politicians and pundits."

Jon Stewart on Wednesday night's "Daily Show" was also interested in the media's job:

"As usual, the White House Press Corps was practicing what can only be called 'instigative journalism.' It's like investigative journalism only instead of investigating, they instigate. They prod the person at the podium with someone else's trash talk to see if they can gin up a fight. It's like the fortune cookie game, but instead of adding 'in bed' to the end of every one of their questions, you just have to add, 'You gonna take that (beep)?' "

Related: "The split-screen strategy is just the latest reminder of how crucial a skill news manipulation is in the modern White House." (Washington Post)|| Watch the video:


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