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The big stories of 2013, so far, are about the business of blogging, BuzzFeed and broadcast:

Andrew Sullivan has collected about $400,000 since he announced that his blog will move to a reader-supported website; journalists wonder how many writers inspire such loyalty. (Latest interview by David Carr; latest analysis by Jay Rosen, Jack Shafer, Tyler Borchers)

BuzzFeed receives $19 million in new funding to build on its social publishing success, though it has not yet spent the $15.5 million raised last year. (Latest analysis by Derek Thompson, Tom Gara, Zach Seward, Mathew Ingram)

Al Jazeera bought access to millions of U.S. households with its purchase of Current TV, made valuable by Al Gore's sheer force of will (Glenn Beck's efforts were rebuffed); The network will suspend Web streaming of Al Jazeera English in deference to cable TV contracts, though Current has been pulled from Time Warner. (Latest analysis via Mediagazer)

Journalism is not narcissism, but it is personal.

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