Study: iPhones reach more news audience than Android phones by every measure

Reynolds Journalism Institute

Although a greater percentage of people own Android smartphones, those who own Apple iPhones are the most attractive audience for news publishers, according to new research from Roger Fidler at the Reynolds Journalism Institute.

In fact, iPhone owners bested Android phone owners in every news-related category.

IPhone owners are more likely to subscribe to a local newspaper:

In the percentage of current digital news subscribers, Apple's is nearly three times larger:

In the percentage of users who download news applications:

iPhone owners tend to be older, more educated and richer than Android owners:

The survey also found that the iPad holds similar advantages over the Kindle Fire and other media tablets.

Beyond the comparative analysis, it's also notable that even among iPhone owners there are few digital news subscribers (less than 10 percent) and newspaper subscribers (less than a third).

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