Study: Newspapers get 8 likes and 5 comments per Facebook post

Bivings Group
In a preview of a report due out soon, a Bivings Group study of the "top 100" U.S. newspapers finds each averages more than 21,000 Facebook fans, led by The New York Times at 993,307.

Researchers analyzed the Facebook activity for each publication, selected based on print circulation size. In a blog post announcing the study, Alla Goldman wrote that more than 1,000 wall posts were examined to determine the type and typical number of interactions per item.

According to the results, each Facebook post by one of the top 100 U.S. newspapers receives 8.8 "likes" and 5.44 comments, on average.

In a post earlier this month at Journalistics, Kim Wilson suggested newspapers can encourage more engagement on Facebook by asking questions of readers, including links in posts, and responding to posted comments.


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