Supplying a Voice for Visual Journalists

By Sara Quinn
Visual Journalism Faculty

As a descriptor, "visual journalism" covers a lot of ground -- particularly as journalists pick up new tools and cross-train around the newsroom. A new Poynter Online column, "Visual Voice," is a weekly feature that will highlight great work by designers, photojournalists, graphic artists, Web producers, illustrators, cartoonists, copy editors and more. We'll offer tips for concept and craft and share discussions about what it takes to collaborate in the ever-changing newsroom. Watch for Visual Voice each Wednesday, the successor to Poynter's "Design Desk" column.

  • Sara Dickenson Quinn

    Sara teaches in the areas of design, illustration, photojournalism and leadership. She encourages visual journalists to find their voice in the newsroom and to think beyond traditional job descriptions for ways to contribute their ideas, passions and abilities.


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