Survey: Magazine e-readers want more digital content

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Here are some of the findings from of a survey by the Association of Magazine Media:

  • 90 percent of respondents say they're reading as much or more magazine content since they began reading via a mobile device.
  • 63 percent say they want even more digital magazine content.
  • 76 percent say they want more electronic newsstands.
  • 55 percent say they like to dig into the digital archives of a magazine.
  • 70 percent say they'd like videos in digital editions to run less than a minute.

The survey included 1,009 adults who use magazine-branded apps on a tablet or e-reader, the Association reports.

Reaction from Peter Kafka of the All Things D blog:

After an initial wave of excitement about iPad magazines, some publishers have dialed back their enthusiasm. But the readers who have actually downloaded them like them quite a bit.

But fans of e-books say they insist on sticking to conventional books for their children:

“It’s intimacy, the intimacy of reading and touching the world. It’s the wonderment of her reaching for a page with me,” said Leslie Van Every, 41, a loyal Kindle user in San Francisco whose husband, Eric, reads on his iPhone. But for their 2 1/2-year-old daughter, Georgia, dead-tree books, stacked and strewn around the house, are the lone option.

“She reads only print books,” Ms. Van Every said, adding with a laugh that she works for a digital company, CBS Interactive. “Oh, the shame.”

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