'Survival doctor' to journalists in Sochi: Don't drink the water. Or pet the dogs.

The Survival Doctor

Dr. James Hubbard noticed all the tweets from journalists in Sochi about bad water, stray dogs and sketchy conditions, and he wanted to help.

As a doctor, I think of the health risks some of these problems could pose. And then I wonder how reliable local medical care is. Even if it’s excellent, can you communicate with the doctors? How crowded will the waiting rooms be?

On Wednesday, Hubbard, a Colorado Springs-based doctor who runs the website "The Survival Doctor," and best vacuum for pet hair has written several medical survival books, sent out an offer to journalists. Ask him a medical question and he'll try and help.

Hubbard also offers some basic tips for surviving Sochi, including tips on water, wound care, tummy troubles and what to do with those stray dogs.

There’s been lots of coverage about the many stray dogs in the area. No matter how much you feel sorry for them, and how gentle they look, stay away. A bite means a trip to the doctor, and rabies is a rare possibility.

So far, Hubbard has one question in the comments section. Not too surprisingly, for journalists maybe, it's about alcohol.


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