Tablet, e-reader users read more, watch less TV

Daily Finance
Digital tablet and e-reader owners read more newspaper articles and books, and they are more likely than non-owners to pay for digital content, according to a new consumer survey released Monday. The report, by the Harrison Group and digital newsstand provider Zinio, indicates that 28 percent of consumers now read digital magazines or books, up from less than 10 percent in 2008.

But, Jeff Bercovici points out, the increased reading time comes at the expense of general Web surfing and television consumption, something that is sure to "give media industry executives indigestion."

" 'We're talking about a 25% cut in television consumption right out of the box,' says [Jim Taylor, Harrison Group vice chairman]. 'It really decouples people from the need for channels, and it clearly reduces the amount of television being consumed. It is a fundamental alternative entertainment medium.' "


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