Take a Tour of the New Poynter Online

The new Poynter Online is up and running, ready for what we trust will be your easier and more enjoyable use. We hope you'll begin by taking this Flash tour.

Navigation is simpler and cleaner, with most recent articles, comments and community activity linked dynamically from a new left rail. A new home page carousel enables you to click through the five most recent top stories. Our new networking service, Poynter Groups, can link you up with colleagues around the world. And if it's Romenesko you're looking for, just click Romenesko in the nav across the top.

We've been doing a lot of de-bugging the site since throwing the switch Saturday, but we need your help addressing whatever problems remain. Please fill out our bug report form or send an e-mail to redesign@poynter.org.

We've tried to anticipate some of your questions about the new site. Here are answers to common questions about using Poynter Online.

How do I report a problem with the site?

How do I comment on a story?

How do I find seminars?

How do I subscribe or unsubscribe to an e-mail newsletter?

How do I access my personal page?

How do I manage what information is accessible to others on my personal page?

How do I cancel my membership and remove my personal page from Poynter Online?

How do I join a group?

How do I get e-mail alerts about comments posted in my groups?

How do I use the Groups page?

To read more about the process that led up to this new site, please read this post or any of the earlier posts to the Poynterevolution blog.
  • Bill Mitchell

    Bill Mitchell is a Poynter Affiliate who most recently led Poynter’s entrepreneurial and international programs and served as a member of its faculty. Previously, Bill headed Poynter.org for 10 years.


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