Time magazine copy editor wins two nights on 'Jeopardy,' returns tonight

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Dan Adkison, a deputy copy chief at Time magazine, has been crushing on "Jeopardy." He won on Wednesday and Thursday's episodes. (Watch his "Hometown Howdy" here.)

“The reason copy editors are good at Jeopardy is because we read so many different things,” he told his magazine's Tumblr. “Fifty percent of the catches I make are factual.”

Adkison gave his hometown paper some more tips on winning:

He explained that if a contestant hits the button before Trebek finishes, that contestant's button is disabled for a brief moment.

“If you jump the gun, you'll get locked out, especially if it's an easy question,” Adkison said, because the other contestants can jump in during the delay.

During Thursday's game, he could be seen several times pumping the button in his hand feverishly while one of the other contestants got to take the turn.

Adkison has been watching the broadcasts, which were recorded in December, with his coworkers. He says he's not revealing whether he'll keep winning: “I would not want to ruin the surprise, because now people are really into it,” he tells John Colson. So far he has won $31,800.

“I would never have thought that he would enjoy that kind of a spotlight,” Adkison's high school teacher Manette Anderson told the Post Independent when it first wrote about his appearance on the show. “But he sure has got the mental horsepower.”

Related: Anderson Cooper, Thomas Friedman and Clarence Page are among the journalist "Power Players" taping "Jeopardy" episodes this coming weekend at Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C.

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