Time magazine to focus on print and iPad distribution

Nieman Journalism Lab
Starting this week, to read full-length stories from Time magazine you will need to purchase the print or iPad edition of the newsweekly. Time.com will have excerpts of print stories as well as original, online-only content, but stories in the magazine will not be available on the Web.

Josh Benton reports that the excerpting of print content extends even to slide shows and letters to the editor.

"Time's website is popular, and there's still plenty of free content on it -- just not, apparently, the weekly magazine itself. News paywalls tend to be more about protecting print as a standalone product than about building a new online revenue stream. So maybe making the content differentiation between the two stronger makes sense."

Peter Kafka of AllThingsDigital points out that this does explain why Time believed people would pay for content on a tablet (the weekly iPad edition is $4.99) that was -- was -- available online for free.

> Time Inc. Starts Limiting Magazine Content on Web Site (AllThingsDigital)


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