Time, Newsweek feature iPad cover stories

Washington Post
Howard Kurtz at The Washington Post pegs his column on the iPad's appearance on the cover of both Time and Newsweek this week asking, "When was the last time that Time and Newsweek went with the same cover subject whose name wasn't Obama?"

Kutz talked to the editors of the two news magazines on the hype and the hope for the tablet:

"Time Managing Editor Rick Stengel says he remained skeptical as 'a lot of people in our business have looked at the iPad as the Jesus tablet, the savior.' But 'when Steve came here for breakfast' to demonstrate the device earlier this year, 'I thought it's a fantastic thing for almost every kind of content, including surfing the Web.'

"Newsweek Editor Jon Meacham says his technology team convinced him 'that the iPad could finally be the device that does for visual content what the iPod did for music. To my mind, there's no bigger story about media or culture -- and media and culture affect everything else -- than the future of the delivery of news, and that made an iPad cover a clear call.' "


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