Timeline of Jonah Lehrer plagiarism, fabrication revelations

June 19: Jim Romenesko reported that Jonah Lehrer recycled material for a New Yorker story

June 19: Joe Coscarelli published additional examples of Lehrer recycling material in New Yorker blog posts

June 19: Jacob Silverman found examples of Lehrer recycling in stories for The New York Times

June 20: Edward Champion published a comprehensive catalog of Lehrer's recycling

June 20: Lehrer apologized for recycling his own material

June 21: New Yorker editor David Remnick said, "...if he were making things up or appropriating other people’s work that’s one level of crime.”

July 30: Michael Moynihan revealed fabricated Bob Dylan quotes in Lehrer’s “Imagine”

July 30: Lehrer resigned from The New Yorker

August 3: Moynihan revealed plagiarism in “How We Decide”
August 7: Lehrer’s publisher said it was reviewing all of his books
August 10: Magician Teller said he didn’t say what was attributed to him in “Imagine”
August 15: Wired said Lehrer remained under contract
August 16: Wired said Lehrer had no current assignments
August 17: Milton Glaser said he didn’t say what was attributed to him in “Imagine”
August 31: Wired severed ties with Lehrer
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