Tips for becoming a faster, stronger writer

I remember an ancient episode of the 1950s TV version of "Superman." Not only did the Man of Steel save the day, but when he returned to the newsroom as Clark Kent, he typed his deadline story at super speed, his hands a blur.

How cool would it be to be able to blast out a story "faster than a speeding bullet"?

Writing fast -- and well -- is a challenge for a lot of writers. One of the most common complaints from writers is: "Why am I so slow?" One of the most common complaints from editors is: "Why is she so slow?"

I believe that all writers can become faster, and that in fast times, fast writing is the ticket.  I have watched some of the fastest writers in America at work. They have shared their secret strategies with me, and I shared them in a live chat.

You can replay the chat here:

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    Roy Peter Clark

    Roy Peter Clark has taught writing at Poynter to students of all ages since 1979. He has served the Institute as its first full-time faculty member, dean, vice-president, and senior scholar.


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