Tips for helping introverts & extroverts perform their best in the workplace

Are introverts born to be shy? Are extroverts natural showboats?

There's a lot of myth and misunderstanding when in comes to personality types -- and it can lead to tension and missed opportunities in the workplace. That's why my Poynter colleague Butch Ward and I focus on working with differing personalities in our management seminars.

During a live chat, Butch and I answered questions, offered advice and busted some myths about introverts and extroverts.

Butch is an introvert. I'm an extrovert -- and also qualified to administer and interpret the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, which identifies personality differences.

Together, Butch and I help people understand the real world of both personality types and how to bring out the best in them. We focus on what it means regarding issues like communication, brainstorming, motivation -- even peoples' chances for promotion.

In my new book: "Work Happy: What Great Bosses Know," I devote a chapter to the topic of managing different personalities in order to bring out the best in them, because I believe it is key to being a successful boss.

You can replay the chat here:

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    Jill Geisler

    Jill helps news managers learn how to lead her favorite people in the world - journalists. Good journalists, she points out, question authority and resist "spin." It takes exceptional leaders to build trust, along with the systems and culture that grow great journalism.


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