Tips on how to produce news with your smart phone

Poynter News University
Leading a News University webinar on reporting with a smart phone, Amani Channel urged media organizations to experiment with the technology. Mobile "is not the next big thing, it is the big thing already," said Channel, the content manager for Public Broadcasting Atlanta's

Channel provided tips, tricks and examples of mobile journalism during the live session, "Mobile Media 101: Producing News with Your Smart phone."

Among the examples was KOB-TV Albuquerque investigative reporter Jeremy Jojola's video reports filed with his iPhone, including one live feed from a house fire that beat the competition to air.

Channel also shared a number of best practices for journalists recording or transmitting video with the smart phones: Hold the cell phone still (or use a tripod), keep interviews short, conduct them in a quiet place, and watch your lighting.

Channel said he was a fan of the iPhone for mobile reporting, but also believed phones running Google's Android operating system should be in the mix for journalists. On smart phones generally, he said, the time is now, "It is the future. It's here and it is right in your pocket."

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During and after the webinar, an active discussion took place using the #nuwebinar Twitter hashtag, including one comment from attendee Michelle Blevins of the Pulaski County Journal who shared a link to a water rescue video she captured using her Droid smart phone and just hours after attending the session.


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