Today in media history: The beginning of ABC News

Here are four events that happened on this date and a trivia question.

August 11, 1924
Calvin Coolidge becomes the first U.S. president to appear in a sound newsreel.

August 11, 1929
Babe Ruth hits his 500th home run. The story appears on the Cleveland Plain Dealer's front page the next day.

August 11, 1948
If you were watching the ABC television network on August 11, 1948, you might have seen their first regular newscast. They called it "News and Views." H.R. Baukhage and Jim Gibbons served as the program’s anchors. Here is a partial list of ABC evening news network anchors (1948-2014):

H.R. Baukhage and Jim Gibbons, ("News and Views")
August 11, 1948 -- April 1951

Anchor unknown ("After the Deadlines")
April 1951 -- October 1952

Anchor unknown ("All Star News")
October 9, 1952 -- October 1953

John Charles Daly, October 12, 1953 -- December 1960

ABC tried various anchor formats during the period,
December 1960 -- March 1962. Program anchors included: former NBC anchor John Cameron Swayze, Bill Shadel, Edward P. Morgan, Bill Lawrence, Howard K. Smith, Bill Sheehan and Fendall Yerxa

Ron Cochran, March 1962 -- January 1965

Peter Jennings, February 1, 1965 -- December 29, 1967

Bob Young, January 1968 -- May 1968

Frank Reynolds, May 27, 1968 -- May 1969

Frank Reynolds and Howard K. Smith, May 26, 1969 -- December 1970

Harry Reasoner and co-anchor Howard K. Smith, December 1970 -- 1975

Harry Reasoner and commentator Howard K. Smith, 1975 -- October 1976

Harry Reasoner and Barbara Walters, October 4, 1976 -- July 1978

Frank Reynolds, Peter Jennings, Max Robinson
July 10, 1978 -- September 1983

Peter Jennings, September 1983 -- 2005
(He died of lung cancer on August 7, 2005)

Elizabeth Vargas and Bob Woodruff, January 3, 2006 -- May 2006

Charles Gibson, May 29, 2006 -- December 18, 2009

Diane Sawyer, December 21, 2009 -- September 2014

September 2, 2014 --
David Muir, anchor and managing editor of "World News"
George Stephanopoulos, chief anchor of ABC News

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"Diane Sawyer to Step Down as 'World News' Anchor"

ABC News, June 25, 2014

(Video: "Peter Jennings 1960s Highlights)

August 11, 2012
Pulitzer Prize finalist story published:  
"Rebels carve out large enclave in north Syria"
International Reporting Category (2013)
"Staff of the Associated Press for its brave portrayal of the chaotic civil war in Syria, using text stories as well as multimedia tools to provide on-the-ground accounts as well as wider context, often at personal peril to the journalists."  

 Media History Trivia Question
“Journalism is literature in a hurry.”  Who said that? (Answer)




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