Two more women say sportswriter Conlin sexually abused them | Deadspin | Philadelphia magazine

Two more women have come forward to say former Philadelphia Daily News sportswriter Bill Conlin sexually abused them as children. Conlin retired on Tuesday after learning sister paper Philadelphia Inquirer was working on a story about multiple abuse allegations. Inquirer reporter Nancy Phillips told Philadelphia magazine that she learned of the allegations because Conlin's niece told a friend, Inquirer reporter Amy Rosenberg, who encouraged her to talk with Phillips. In a series of emails with Deadspin's A.J. Daulerio the day before the story was published, Conlin considered whether to defend himself from the charges he knew were coming. Instead, Conlin's lawyer asked Daulerio not to publish what he knew.

He said that any attempts to quash the piece had been compromised because the editors at the papers knew Conlin had contacted me. They wanted to hurry the story into print, the attorney told me, lest they get scooped on their own scoop.

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