In the UK, mobile ads ready to outsell print; journalists captured in eastern Ukraine

Here's today’s MediaWireWorld roundup of journalism news from outside the U.S. Send tips to Kristen Hare:

1. Mobile ads closing in on print, TV: By 2016, mobile ads will outsell print and television ads in the United Kingdom, according to a new forecast. Mark Sweney reported the story Tuesday in The Guardian.

2. Kidnappings and phone tappings: Kyiv Post reported Tuesday that two journalists were kidnapped in eastern Ukraine during fighting. Kyiv Post reports that there are conflicting accounts on the capture Anastasia Stanko and Ilya Bezkorovayniy and unconfirmed reports they were released. | Seventeen journalists had their phones tapped by intelligence services in Lithuania, according to a Tuesday report from Reporters Without Borders.

3. ICYMI: He's back. Mayor Rob Ford went back to work on Monday after time in rehab. Here's Tuesday's front from the Toronto Sun, in Toronto, Canada, courtesy Newseum.



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