UK news site runs ad for Russian brides; Ecuadorian newspaper stops printing under pressure

Today’s MediaWireWorld roundup of journalism news from outside the U.S. Send tips to Kristen Hare:

1. The Russian bride ad isn't there anymore: The U.K. website Radio Times ran an ad for Russian Brides, Mark Sweney reported Wednesday in The Guardian. The ad came down after complaints by an ad watchdog, Sweney reported.

2. Arrests, charges and threats: While driving, El Nacional journalist Pedro Fernandez was shot at in the Dominican Republic, according to a Tuesday report from Reporters Without Borders. "A hand-written letter left at the scene warned the journalist that he would be killed unless he stopped writing about the city’s drug outlets." | Two journalists that were captured in eastern Ukraine have been charged with espionage, Kyiv Post reported Tuesday. Anastasiya Stanko and Ilya Bezkorovainy have been held since Monday, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists. Aleksandr Chernov, a doctor who writes for a news site, has been held since Thursday.

3. Forced online: In Ecuador, the daily newspaper Hoy stopped printing its Quito edition and announced it would move online, John Otis reported Tuesday for Committee to Protect Journalists.

In an editorial published in its final print edition on Sunday, Hoy said that Ecuador's restrictive Communications Law, which went into effect last year, and the government's constant attacks on independent media had created "a scenario totally adverse to the development of a plural, free, and independent newspaper."

4. Now this is a photo illustration: Argentina's Ángel di María gets his wings. From Diário de Canoas, in Canoas, Brazil, courtesy Newseum.



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