U.K. photographer explains how she captured dramatic photo during riots

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All the major newspapers in the U.K. published a dramatic photo of a woman jumping from a burning building during the riots that have terrorized the country, captured by Amy Weston of the photo agency WENN. Weston said she went to an area of Croydon, outside London, where she heard there were fires. "There were six or seven people screaming and crying outside, and they looked like they lived at the flats that were burning. The flats were above small independent shops. ... A man in a white shirt was screaming that a girl was at the window and that she was ready to jump. He ran towards her but riot police had appeared and pulled him back, and they went to her instead." Time has posted the entire series of photos, the last of which shows the woman being caught by police. Weston said she didn't know what happened to the woman once she dropped because the angry crowd pushed back. The Guardian reported that the public had contacted WENN asking if the photo had been altered. || Related: Rioters use BlackBerry Messenger to organize. To borrow the debate from Tunisia and Egypt, did BlackBerry cause the mayhem?

The Independent was one of several British newspapers to use a dramatic photo of a woman jumping from a building in one of the areas consumed by riots. (PressDisplay.com)
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