Updated augmented reality browser aggregates location-based information

The augmented-reality company Layar announced a new version of its browser that will allow Android users to find location-based information visually, simply by using the browser. Previously, phone users had to enter a search, or open a "layar" (for instance, one that shows restaurants near you). Now, the dynamically-changing information presented will be sorted by "time, location, proximity, popularity and preferences."

TechCrunch counts more than 700 layars in existence, with "several thousand" more in development. The companies new technology "supports any location-based object published into Layar, such as check-ins, coupons, status updates, gaming, information, 3D models and more."

An updated version of the iPhone app is expected within a month.

So, how's your location-based information strategy coming along?

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  • Regina McCombs

    Regina McCombs is a faculty member of The Poynter Institute, teaching multimedia, and social and mobile journalism. She was the senior producer for multimedia at StarTribune.com in Minneapolis-St. Paul for 11 years.


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