Updated New Yorker app lets iPad users subscribe for $1.50 an issue

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The magazine was $4.99 per issue with the New Yorker's original iPad app. With the new app, an annual subscription to the New Yorker is $59.99. (The yearly print subscription is $69.95.) Also, New Yorker print subscribers can now read the iPad edition for free.

Staci Kramer on the best offer for New Yorker readers:

Print and digital for $39.95 for one year or the bargain-basement rate of $69.95 for two years [is] easily the best deal of the lot and one that could goose print subscriptions. It should be low enough to bring in some new digital subscribers and a good enough deal to get some who might consider going digital only to keep print, too. The added access for print subs gives the New Yorker more of a sell for advertisers. [UPDATE: Kramer has clarified the figures.]

From David Carr's column on selling advertisers on tablets::

If you wanted to get your message in front of a reader of The New Yorker, it would cost you $141,174 for a full-page ad in the magazine’s glossy pages. What would it be worth to reach the same reader if he or she were on an iPad? More, less or the same?

That is the one very pertinent question after an active week in magazine publishers’ fitful effort to be part of, rather than run over by, the digital revolution.

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