Valerie Wigglesworth, Holly Hacker and other great bylines

On Friday I asked people to share great journalism names (though not necessarily ones that could be mistaken for minor Star Wars characters.) Now we have a nice list going. As an added bonus, a lot of the people who made suggestions had great names themselves. I'm also going to offer up the names of pretty much everyone I work with. Ren LaForme. Lauren Klinger. Butch Ward. Wendy Wallace.Vidisha Priyanka. Vanessa Goodrum.

Here's our list so far:

Meet Ida Lieszkovszky Hargitai.

Meet Valerie Wigglesworth, a reporter at the Dallas Morning News.

I told Eva-Marie Ayala that her name should also be on the list. It's musical.

Here's another great one from King Rock Writer.

Meet Holly Hacker, another reporter with a great name from the Dallas Morning News.

Can we agree that Holly Hacker has the perfect job for her name?

I agree with Dade Hayes and told him his tweet counted as Singh's nomination. Dade Hayes is also a great name, so he's on the list, too.


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