Voters say journalists are giving Romney's '47 percent' comments too much coverage

Pew | The Washington Post

There's been too much coverage of Mitt Romney's comments about the "47 percent," says a plurality polled by Pew.

Nearly half of voters (49%) who know that Romney made those remarks say news organizations are giving the story too much coverage, while just 13% say they are giving it too little coverage; 28% say the amount of coverage has been appropriate.

As best I can tell, the press has largely moved on to the meta-narrative of Romney's remarks -- namely why President Obama's campaign keeps trotting them out. Philip Rucker writes that the comments are resonating with voters, weary though they may be.

Romney’s comments about the 47 percent are weighing him down with voters, according to recent polls. Almost six in 10 voters nationally say that as president, he would do more to favor the wealthy than the middle class, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll released Monday. Specifically regarding the remarks, respondents to a Post-ABC poll from last week were displeased with Romney’s viewpoint: Fifty-four percent had an unfavorable impression of his comments, compared with 32 percent who had a favorable view.

55 percent of the people Pew polled overall viewed the comments negatively.

Pew also asked respondents to grade the campaigns so far. 31 percent overall gave Romney's campaign an A or a B. 46 percent graded Obama's campaign similarly, down significantly from October 2008, when 65 percent gave it better-than-average marks.

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