Walgreens selling $100 Android tablet

Business Insider
This might be the last place you would think to shop for an Android digital tablet, but Walgreens is now selling one: the Maylong M-150, priced at $99.

Dan Frommer reports that the device runs a "year-old version" of the Android operating system, has a 7-inch display, and aside from that, few details are known:

"It's definitely cheap, and seems like it should be crappy, but we're not sure what it's capable of, or even what it looks like. From this image, the hardware looks EXACTLY like an iPad, just stretched a bit. It looks like someone just took the iPad and stretched it in Photoshop, and then stuck a crappy screenshot of an operating system on top of it."

It will be interesting to see how well the device performs and sells. At that price, it could certainly open up a significant new market for tablets, and for the apps and content that users will consume on them.


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