Wall Street Journal reporter missing since Saturday

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Wall Street Journal reporter David Bird has been missing since Saturday, the paper reported Wednesday evening.

Bird, 55, writes about energy markets and previously worked for the Associated Press, Jennifer Maloney reports. He lives in Long Hill Township, N.J.

Mr. Bird's wife, Nancy Bird, said the couple was putting away Christmas decorations Saturday afternoon when Mr. Bird put on his red rain jacket and said he wanted to take a quick walk before an expected rainstorm. He left the house at 4:30 p.m. and didn't take his phone.

Ms. Bird said her husband had been feeling under the weather with a gastrointestinal virus. He was starting to feel better, and she wasn't surprised that he wanted to get some fresh air.

Maloney wrote that Bird, a liver transplant recipient, is also a hiker and scout troop leader.

Melanie Eversley wrote in USA Today Thursday that the Facebook page of the Long Hill Township Police Department has ongoing details about the search for Bird.

"The search for Mr. Bird enters its 5th day and 89th hour today," someone posted to the page on Wednesday. "We want to assure the public that everything related to a missing person investigation that can be done is being done with assets from local, county, state resources."

Michael Izzo wrote in the Daily Record that Saturday night, Sunday and Monday, about 200 people joined in the search for Bird.

“Until we have something that leads us in the direction that something negative happened, we’re going to try to remain optimistic,” said [Long Hill Township Police Chief Michael] Mazzeo. “If you can’t disprove it, then you can’t prove it either, so we’re not ruling out optimism. There’s no indication either way so we’re hoping for the best.”


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