Wall Street Journal, USA Today, New York Times top latest circulation report

Audit Bureau of Circulations

ABC has released circulation figures for the six-month period ending Sept. 30, 2011. This is the second reporting period in which ABC is counting circulation differently, so you can't compare current figures to previous periods. The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and The New York Times top the list of top 25 daily newspapers. The San Jose Mercury News, Dallas Morning News and the Chicago Sun-Times all rank high due to the inclusion of "branded" copies — editions with a different nameplate and some distinct content. For digital editions, ABC also has distinguished between "replica" (identical to the printed paper) and "non-replica." In that measure, the Journal leads the Times, roughly 537,000 to 380,000; USA Today is well down the list. The Times' Jeremy Peters reports that growth in digital shows "a growing willingness by consumers to pay for digital newspaper editions." || Related: Rick Edmonds says the changes in how ABC counts circulation means the figures will go sideways, not up or down (Poynter.org) | Newsday's circulation figures indicate its much-maligned paywall is working (Forbes.com)

ABC's report of the top 25 daily papers:

Average Circulation at the Top 25 U.S. Daily Newspapers

For the Six Months Ending 9/30/11

Preliminary Figures as Filed with the Audit Bureau of Circulations –
Subject to Audit
State Newspaper Name Total Circulation
Excluding Branded Editions
Branded Editions
Average Circulation
NY WALL STREET JOURNAL 2,096,169 2,096,169
DC USA TODAY 1,784,242 1,784,242
NY NEW YORK TIMES 1,150,589 1,150,589
NY NEW YORK DAILY NEWS 601,097 4,580 605,677
CA LOS ANGELES TIMES 572,998 572,998
CA SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS 184,018 343,550 527,568
NY NEW YORK POST 512,067 512,067
DC WASHINGTON POST 507,465 507,465
IL CHICAGO TRIBUNE 425,370 425,370
TX DALLAS MORNING NEWS 255,613 154,029 409,642
NY NEWSDAY 404,542 404,542
IL CHICAGO SUN-TIMES 236,371 152,982 389,353
TX HOUSTON CHRONICLE 328,813 40,897 369,710
CO DENVER POST 343,180 9,935 353,115
PA PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER 260,375 70,759 331,134
MN STAR-TRIBUNE 298,147 298,147
AZ ARIZONA REPUBLIC 292,838 292,838
CA ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER 172,942 97,867 270,809
WA SEATTLE TIMES 242,814 242,814
OR OREGONIAN 242,784 242,784
FL ST. PETERSBURG TIMES 240,024 240,024
MI DETROIT FREE PRESS (e) 234,579 234,579
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