Walter Isaacson's Steve Jobs bio now ranked #1 on Amazon

Written by former Time managing editor and Benjamin Franklin biographer Walter Isaacson, the forthcoming biography of Steve Jobs is now the top seller on Amazon. The book, titled simply "Steve Jobs," will be released in a little more than two weeks, on Oct. 24, said Simon & Schuster publicity director Tracey Guest by email. The 656-page hardcover had been scheduled for publication Nov. 21, but is being rushed for release sooner. This is not the first time the book's publication date has been changed; it was originally scheduled for release March 6, 2012. I'm still waiting to hear whether the digital edition will be available sooner than Oct. 24, which could boost sales and gain reader goodwill while capitalizing on the instant market.

Isaacson interviewed Jobs more than 40 times for the book, according to The New York Times. Those interviews included a conversation within the last month, The Wall Street Journal says, during which the Apple co-founder told Isaacson he knew he would die soon.

In a brief essay on, Isaacson -- a former managing editor of the magazine -- recounts his last meeting with Jobs, who explained why he wanted Isaacson to write his biography.


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