Weymouth: We need to be where our readers are

Poynter Online
Washington Post Publisher Katharine Weymouth said no "magic bullet" will solve journalism's revenue challenges, but she believes that adapting to new technologies -- including mobile distribution platforms -- is the way forward for the news industry.

Weymouth visited Poynter last week to open the "Edge of Change" colloquium and sat for an hourlong interview with institute president Karen Dunlap before a live audience. Weymouth said the Post, along with the rest of the industry, is in the middle of a transition:

"When you think about it, The Washington Post has been around for well over 100 years. The Internet has been around at least in the popular consumption for what, 15 years? So it's changing so quickly, and I think none of us know what it will look like, even as we're planning for what we're gonna do on the iPad. ... We are gonna be on the iPad, we are on the iPhone. You can have podcasts, you can get us on the Internet, so we will be where our readers want to be."


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