What's the best bonus you've ever gotten as a journalist?

Assuming you've ever gotten a bonus at all (or perks, at all) as a journalist, what was the best?

On Wednesday, Erik Wemple wrote that staff at Washington City Paper will get $250 bonuses.

Before Washington City Paper* published its annual “Best Of” issue in April, it set what Publisher Amy Austin called an “uber goal” for advertising — a “goal that was above the goal,” says Austin. If sales reached that level, Austin declared, editorial staffers at the paper would receive a bonus in May.

City Paper's Mike Madden told Wemple that in 15 years of journalism, the quarter-thou was the “first bonus I can definitely recall getting myself.”

After reading the story, my editor, Andrew Beaujon, tweeted about a bonus he remembered, and a few other journalists shared theirs, too.

I think I got $100 bonus when I worked at the St. Joseph News-Press and won a writing award. That was actually cool because the writing award came with $1,000 check.

So what's the best bonus you've ever received? Email me: khare@poynter.org, or find me on Twitter, @kristenhare.


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