What's the worst mistake you've ever made?

It's Friday the 13th. There's going to be a full moon. And (not really related,) yesterday, I made a big mistake. In quickly aggregating a story about the death of a photojournalist in Iraq, I wrote that the photographer worked for Time. He did not. Time was reporting on it. My editors and I fixed it quickly, tweeted corrections, added one to the story, and did all the things you're supposed to do when you mess up.

I still felt awful, both about the news itself and my sloppy handling of it. Earlier this week, (this is eerily related,) along with a post about a newspaper that sent the dummy page to Newseum, Poynter asked our readers on Facebook about the worst mistake they'd ever signed off on. Here's what they told us. Send your own to me via email at khare@poynter.org or through Twitter, @kristenhare, and I'll add to our list of shame.


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