What's your news org's Facebook age?

So Facebook is 10 years old. That makes it, what, a fifth grader? But chances are your news organization's Facebook page isn't quite getting ready for middle school yet, which, if you've been to middle school, is probably a relief. Poynter's page, for instance, is about 6, while the Associated Press' is 4. Most of the posts below are the first ones I could find for these news organizations -- email me if there's something earlier I can swap in.


Facebook begins. Like.


Several news orgs joined this year, including The New York Times. That page goes into the Gray Lady's long past with photos and front pages, but the Times joined on Oct. 29. On Nov. 19, the newspaper added a life event with the move to new HQ.

This photo by Fred R. Conrad/ The New York Times, was part of the Nov. 19 posting.

CNN's page is also getting close to 7. CNN joined Facebook on Nov. 7, but this post from the following year is kind of awesome.

Post by CNN.

Gawker joined Facebook on Nov. 8, but the first post I could find came in 2010.

The Los Angeles Times joined Facebook on Nov. 12. The first post I could find after that came on Jan. 29, 2009.

The Chicago Tribune also created its page on Nov. 12. It looks like the Trib posted only twice in 2008.


NPR joined Facebook on Feb. 20. Here's a post from Sept. 18 of that year.

Post by NPR.

Poynter's own Facebook page appears to have been created on or around April 8, 2008, when Poynter created an event called "Sports Journalism Summit III."

You can go back farther than that, however, to see what has happening at Poynter thanks to lots of life-event postings, including, apparently, the institute's first ever e-mail.

Fox News' Facebook page started on April 30, and they added a life event just after.

On June 25, The Huffington Post started its page.

July 17, The Dallas Morning News started its page. Its first post appears to have arrived the following year.

On Sept. 8, The Seattle Times started a page. The first post I could find came from May 12, 2009.


And the Associated Press started its page on Jan. 13, 2010. This posting came in March.

Post by AP.

Correction: This post originally stated Facebook was founded in 2000. Ten years ago was, of course, 2004.


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