Why real-time journalism requires healthy dose of skepticism

WBZ-TV Web producer Kara Matuszewski asks, "Are We More Informed With Real Time Journalism?"

Matuszewski, based in Boston, points to the Twitter frenzy caused by Tom Brady's minor car accident earlier this month. The New England Patriot's quarterback was unharmed, a fact not at all clear from the discussion online.

"There was so much misinformation being spread, mostly via Twitter, that it was laughable. Only it wasn’t, because what happens is those messages get posted over and over again on hundreds of people’s accounts. So soon enough thousands of people see what is incorrect information and think it’s true."

Responding to an original question from @newmediajim, also known as NBC cameraman Jim Long, Matuszewski tweeted that "Real time journalism is great as long as there's Journalism involved." She writes:

“Too often what’s reported is scanner traffic, rumor or just simply not true. Then it gets RTed (re-tweeted). Not good for anyone.”


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