Why Twitter is an effective tool for newsrooms


Arguing against those who are resistant to Twitter, Alan Rusbridger recently outlined 15 reasons why the service matters to journalists.

All 15 are on point, including:

  • It's where things happen first.
  • It is great reporting tool.
  • It is an agent of change.

But one he misses (or understates) is it's where your readers are. This was not true two or three years ago when Twitter was a niche product used by a select few early adopters. But Twitter now has 175 million users who send 95 million messages each day. This mass market makes Twitter a great marketing tool. Rusbridger writes:

"I only have 18,500 followers. But if I get re-tweeted by one of our columnists, Charlie Brooker, I instantly reach a further 200,000. If Guardian Technology pick it up it goes to an audience of 1.6m. If Stephen Fry notices it, it's global."


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