Why you won't see as many AP stories tweeted on Monday, Tuesday

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One of the AP union's mobilizations -- "timed to start right as negotiations resume" -- is a Tweet-out. Members are told: "Don’t post Tweets or Facebook any links to any AP stories. This is only for those NOT required to tweet as part of their job." More AP union plans for next Monday and Tuesday are after the jump.

Date: Tue, Apr 5, 2011 at 9:37 PM

Subject: [nmg-ap-bargaining] IMPT-Options menu for mobilizations 4/11-13

To: nmg-ap-bargaining


Our next round of mobilizations will be on April 11 & 12, timed to start right as negotiations resume.

Below is a menu of items your bureau can select to join in this effort. Some actions are stronger than others because some bureaus prefer stronger ones. The list gives each bureau choices to meet the staff’s tolerance.

We’re trying to get at least 3 dozen bureaus to do rallies and car boycotts – even more than we had the last time. AP’s negotiators said during the last bargaining session that the company agreed to freeze health care premiums because of those actions in recent mobilizations, as well as our Internet presence and outside media coverage. We’ll be doing plenty more on those fronts again this time.

AP is very eager to get an agreement soon, so now is a key time to really push back and show how united the staff is.

Please firm up your group’s plans ASAP if you haven’t done so yet, then let me know and post your plans on Shoptalk by Sunday evening.

Make sure people wear red shirts, buttons, etc. at rallies and get a couple photos so we can post them on Facebook and use them in our next video. Please shoot the photos horizontally, try to get ones that show some action and all of your group (perhaps you can get a buddy from a neighboring office to take the pictures), and get some close enough up that we can see people’s faces. Send the photos, and 30-second video clips if you can shoot them, to ljohnson@newsmediaguild.org.

We must let AP know how strongly we support our negotiators’ efforts to win a fair contract for all of us! Please try to do a couple actions. Let me know if you have any questions.

In Unity,

Linda Johnson
NMG mobilizer/RA chairwoman

Menu for April 11-12 mobilizations

_Lunchtime rallies. Nearly all bureaus are doing them on Tuesday, April 12, but at least one each will be on the 11th and the 13th. Picketing guidelines and other support materials are coming shortly.

_Personal car boycott on April 11-12. Guidelines coming shortly.

_Homemade “cheAP” and “Work to Rule” buttons, from the designs I sent out on Shoptalk Friday and again Monday. Mobilizers should also blow up copies to go on Guild bulletin boards and cubicle walls.

_Group staff meetings with managers. Tell your manager your views on bargaining and that we deserve a fair contract, and ask the manager to pass that on to superiors. If you don’t arrange a group meeting with management, individuals should tell managers how they feel about bargaining. Your comments will be passed on to higher-level managers and, likely, the AP’s bargaining team.

_Boycott on use of personal cell phones. Employees can give their managers advance notice as a courtesy if they wish.

_Meetings of unit members to discuss bargaining progress and issues. Afterward, please write a short summary of the discussion and post it on Shoptalk.

_Work to Rule. No free overtime and request all OT from your manager in advance and in writing. If you haven’t taken our “No Free OT For Good” pledge yet, please do so. Just send me your name.

_ Tweet-outs: Don’t post Tweets or Facebook any links to any AP stories. This is only for those NOT required to tweet as part of their job.

_Have staffers send Linda quotes about deserving a fair contract, the issues important to them and the quality of our work (including from non-editorial staffers). This will be assembled into an "AP Staffers Speak Out" article to go on our Web site.

_Have stewards/mobilizers send in photos of newly decorated or updated Guild bulletin boards, for posting on both of our Facebook pages.

Bill Cotterell asked Romenesko after this story was posted in March:

I read with interest the story about the AP byline strike and protests around the country. But why doesn't somebody write what is starting scale and top scale? After how many years on the job? What are insurance premiums now and what are they going to? I think a lot of readers, particulary reporters around the country, would be interested in knowing what is union scale for reporters, beginning and journeyman.

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