Will new MPR 'resident' be Garrison Keillor's successor on 'A Prairie Home Companion'?

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Kevin Kling, "that other, far less famous Minnesota storyteller, humorist, and author," has been hired by Minnesota Public Radio for a three-year residency, prompting speculation that he's being groomed to take over "A Prairie Home Companion" after Garrison Keillor retires. Jason Zabel writes:

This new set-up with Kling, who already provides commentary for NPR’s All Things Considered, now features Kling on Minnesota radio more frequently, as part of the residency involves some very Garrison-esque duties: "On the air, Kling will deliver exclusive commentaries that feature his personal stories with a timely take on current events."

The Star Tribune wrote of Kling in a profile a several years ago that "Kling is transcending his stature as a long-beloved Minnesota storyteller" and describes a career built on "telling strong sense-of-place stories about ice fishing, 1960s Twin Cities suburbia and riding the Lake Street bus. But six years after surviving a near-fatal motorcycle crash, his tales have moved from hilarious nostalgia to something weightier and more spiritual." || Earlier: Keillor says he’s leaving “Prairie Home Companion” in 2013 || Related: Kling spins some tales

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