WNYC built an ice cream finder


Screen shot, WNYC
Screen shot, WNYC

WNYC's Data News Team used its powers for cool, delicious good by creating an ice cream finder.

With a click of that button, we'll detect your location, scan the vicinity and find your nearest scoop. (Sorry, our data is for New York City only.)

New Yorkers without a smartphone (we know you're out there) can text 9292-COOL-ME with your NYC address or location to get a reply with the nearest cold treat.

In March, our columnist Melody Kramer wrote about an app journalism student Alex Duner created to help people find the nearest pizza joints in Chicago.

What other delicious apps have journalists/newsrooms created that we're missing? Let me know and I'll share them here.

h/t Katie Hawkins-Gaar


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