Words journalists write that no one ever says, 2015 edition

[caption id="attachment_384581" align="alignleft" width="740"]Looks like we missed some words last time. (Deposit photos) Looks like we missed some words last time. (Deposit photos)[/caption]

A tweet this week from my friend and former colleague Andrew Beaujon reminded me of a story we worked on last year.

Beaujon, now a senior editor at Washingtonian, Sam Kirkland, now on the news app team at BuzzFeed News, Poynter's Ben Mullin and I all had a bit of fun asking people about words that journalists write but don't really say. You can see our top 10 here, the word that was voted off the island forever here and our Storify of the conversation here. On Thursday night, we shared the original piece from our archives on Facebook and woke up Friday morning to a whole new crop of words. Here's a Storify of the 2015 class of words journalists write that no one ever says. (As with last year's post, the purpose of this conversation is to have a laugh, not to be scoldy or lowbrow.) What's missing? Let us know!


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