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A Wall Street Journal representative declined to comment on the protest newspaper, which debuted Saturday with an initial print run of 50,000. (WSJ's story notes -- probably unnecessarily -- that "the protest newspaper has no relationship to The Journal.") OWSJ co-editor Jed Brandt, 38, says a traditional broadsheet paper brings a “super hip retro” feel to the protest. “It’s so old, it’s new,” he tells WSJ's Jessica Firger. The paper's staff has raised over $46,000 through Kickstarter, and plans to publish another issue on Thursday. They say they have “enough money in the pot” to produce up to five issues this month, as long as volunteers are willing to put in the time. || Earlier stories: New York Times: Occupying -- and now publishing, too. || Capital New York: "You can't pass the Internet from one person to another, but you can pass a newspaper," says an OWSJ editor.

> NYT's Sorkin checks out the protest after getting "assignment" from bank CEO

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