WSJ iPad app has 64,000 "active" users

Staci Kramer reports that Rupert Murdoch seems pleased with how many have used The Wall Street Journal's iPad app, which he mentioned during the company's earnings call on Tuesday.

"It’s not even a rounding error but one of the numbers Rupert Murdoch seemed to really enjoy tossing out during the News Corp. earnings call: more than 64,000 active users for The Wall Street Journal iPad app after its first month. 'Unlike the Kindle, we keep 100 percent of the revenue from the iPad,' [said Murdoch]."

As Kramer points out, it is difficult to translate "users" into specific subscriber or revenue numbers as the app is free, with full content costing $17.29 per month. Print subscribers get full access without paying an additional charge.
> Wall Street Journal's pay-more pricing is stupid (Betanews)


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