You are the mobile experts

News University
As a Mobile Media reader, you're probably interested in mobile news gathering and distribution. You may also have some expertise in the field, even if you're too modest to admit it.

We need your help. If you are working as a journalist in print, broadcast or online and tend to work outside the office, we want to hear from you. News University is planning a June webinar on "Tools for Mobile Journalists" that will focus on the tips, tricks and gear that enable mobile journalism. (You can enroll in the webinar anytime.)

We will be looking at tools that help you do research, reporting, publishing or community engagement when you are on the road. This includes everything from power inverters to iPhone accessories and WiFi hubs to 3G coverage maps.

Tell us about your best practices, favorite gear, software and recent mobile projects that we can feature in the webinar and in this blog. No ideas are too small or too big.

Comment below or e-mail me directly at damon(at) Thanks for your help.


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